Welcome to the Be-IT Resourcing Blog
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Welcome to the first Be-IT Resourcing Blog

Welcome to the first Be-IT Resourcing Blog

Posted on 2nd April 2013

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Welcome to the first Be-IT Resourcing Blog

This is our first blog posting on our new website.  It has taken us slightly longer to get here than we anticipated, but now the new website is launched we are immensely proud of it and hope you like it too. 

Be-IT is a young company, hardly a year old.  Founded on the premise that there is a massive need for specialist IT recruitment expertise in Scotland and beyond, we’re pleased to say that we are going from strength.   We began with 2 people, now we have 9. Started with zero clients and now have over 50 PSL’s in place across the UK and presently placed c 15 - 20 IT professionals in to new role each and every month. 

Our turnover has grown, obviously from a tiny base, month on month through our first year and now we are trading as a multi-million business centered from Edinburgh. More significantly, it’s grown by 250% in the last three months and the demand is such that we are recruiting again for new staff. 

This is an area were we shall not compromise.  The quality of our consultants, their integrity and willingness to go the extra mile are what we believe distinguishes us from the competition.  Yes, everyone says this, but relatively few actually practice and preach it.   We match people with jobs, not just to make a buck but because the match is right for all parties, whether on short-term contract or in a more permanent, career-enhancing move. 

We carefully and conscientiously seek out the best candidates, using our well-established networks and the very best technological aids available, and we emphatically do not spray CVs and trust that something sticks.  We look forward to the future with confidence and we believe we can help you do so as well.

This blog space will be used to comment on industry trends, give examples of best practice in recruitment, provide advice to candidates and clients alike - and will do so without fear or favour.  When something is wrong, we’ll say so, and when something is right we’ll promote it and tell the world why.

If you are a client or a candidate and you like what we do, please tell your friends and associates.  If you do not like what we do, tell me and I shall personally ensure that we fix it to your satisfaction.

Thank you for reading this, the first blog posting on our new site and please return here often and encourage your colleagues to do likewise.  

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, BeIT Resourcing

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