Catching the wave! (white water rafting with Be-IT)
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Catching the wave! (white water rafting with Be-IT)

Catching the wave! (white water rafting with Be-IT)

Posted on 16th September 2015

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Now sometimes it appears that we at Be-IT work all the hours that God sends, and also some more that the clients/candidates/Gareth find from somewhere else, but we do, usually, have a bit of free time at the weekends. 

Not on Sunday the 6th September though.  Then, the Be-IT team (Caroline, Ami, Susie, Nai, Alisa and himself – aka Gareth) braved the turbulent waters of the river Tummel in Perthshire, cresting the waves in our Be-IT raft as we strove valiantly to raise some cash for the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. 

Someone had persuaded Gareth that it was a gentle punt on the river, possibly involving beer, interspersed with the Eton Boating Song and a glass or two of Pimms (I may be exaggerating, but you get the picture). In fact, it involved bouncing about in white water that would make a salmon blench and, sadly, a total lack of beer or Pimms.

Not to worry though. The competitive spirit of Be-IT shown through and we won, we won, we actually won the prize for the fastest raft.  Although people had promised good money if Ami ‘fell’ in, the only person to go overboard was, ironically, our guide, who supposedly knew how not to do that.

Anyway, we made £1,705 and the whole event made £11,840. A good result which will help the hospital and the children who have to make use of its facilities.

There is still time to contribute, so if you’ve got a spare five quid then go to


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