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Tieless man says thank you, Be-IT nominated for award, nae chickens

Tieless man says thank you, Be-IT nominated for award, nae chickens

Posted on 7th October 2015

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You may recall, a few weeks ago, we posted a wee blog piece exhorting our friends (or indeed anyone) to support our entry to win the NORA’s ‘Best Small Recruitment Agency website’.  It was along the lines of Jeremy Corbyn being not the only tieless man seeking your support, or something like that. It got 63 shares on Linkedin and 11 tweets (and even a Google+), so clearly some of you were happy to share the message.

Anyway, it worked. We are on the shortlist. Pause for small whoop and cheers.  It’s particularly pleasing because there were another 541 websites entered for all the various NORA’s categories and over 25,000 nominations in total.  So thank you all very much indeed for your nominations for the Be-IT site. Thank you also to Jeremy Corbyn for the idea behind the original headline. We don’t know if Gareth would push the nuclear button but we’re glad that our website pushes your buttons.

Finally, in that great tradition of Scottish/Irish canniness, although we’re delighted to be nominated, there will definitely be nae counting chickens before the big night. There are seven other agencies whose websites are in contention in our category – we’re pleased to be there with them and may the best one win!

Alma Kettles, Associate Director, Be-IT Resourcing 

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