This Valentine’s Day, how will Be-IT be celebrating?
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This Valentine’s Day, how will Be-IT be celebrating?

This Valentine’s Day, how will Be-IT be celebrating?

Posted on 11th February 2016

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Having polished off our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, the staff at Be-IT are now looking forwards with keen anticipation to the next calendar date of note, to wit, Valentine’s Day.

Are purchases of wine and roses (or indeed other products) at an all-time high in Be-IT’s offices?  To find out what this representative sample of humanity thinks of the most romantic day of the year, we asked them all what they’d be doing this Sunday. We’ve removed the names to protect the guilty!

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So on Valentine’s Day I’ll be going to Kyloe (  We’ve done the same thing for the last two years. We love it but it’s a once a year thing and I have booked it since last November because I’m sad and like to make sure I can get a table. Last year I could only get a table at 8:45 and we were so hungry and drunk by the time we got our food…The most surprising Valentine’s Day I recollect would be when I was maybe six or seven years’ old and I made my Mum and Dad a Valentine’s day card. They tried to explain that it was a bit weird but I didn’t understand what they were saying.. (everyone go ah.. Ed).

More pragmatic than romantic really… This Valentine’s Day we will be sitting in with the M&S deal for 2…that’s our traditional Valentine’s dinner. In the past, we have gone out for dinner, including on our very first one together where my card was declined and she had to pay…

I’m lucky to be with the man of my dreams so every day is Valentine’s Day for me.

My wife and I do not need one day to show each other how much we love each other. The way she has supported me through the 30 years we have been together has already shown me this. We have three fantastic children and they bring more joy than a wee card and present so there is no need to get on board the commercial bandwagon! 

Unfortunately for me, Valentine’s Day is on the same day as my girlfriend’s birthday: this means I have to buy double the amount of presents, give double the amount of attention and be doubly romantic! Fortunately it only comes round once a year!

For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I will be staying at home and cooking a nice dinner with a few glasses of wine. If it’s not raining we might even go for for a nice walk - much nicer than spending money on presents.

Just another day in my opinion.  I don’t really buy presents or gifts for this day.  She doesn’t need presents, she has me. I like the saying “I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with my true love… Food.”

My god…   I tend to find it a day to avoid and have blocked out of my mind all the Valentine day mistakes I have made! Of which there are many – mostly forgetting it / buying poor choice gifts! I view it as one of those days that has been designed to commercially fleece us as society. Therefore, I’m not really a big player and have little to say here.

This Valentines Day I’ll be having a nice meal with my girlfriend (cooked by myself obviously, like any other day!).  The other half’s birthday is on 18th February therefore we will be going out to celebrate that, rather than have an expensive day out on the 14th. So all in all, a nice meal with a nice bottle of wine and maybe even a peck on the cheek if the meal goes to plan! 

I’ll be going to the football with my Dad, maybe cooking a nice meal afterwards for when my girlfriend arrives home from work. Back in my schooldays, I used to have to hand one of my friends his card from my younger sister.

I don’t really do Valentine’s day, it very commercial and just a waste of money – I do like to have a nice meal and bottle of wine with my man in the house though – usually the M&S meal deal.

In previous years I have enjoyed weekends away, my best one yet was spent away in a log cabin where we had a hot tub and all the luxuries…this year however will be spent at home with my two cats.

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