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Be-IT Resourcing Recruitment methods and media 2015/2016 (Pt III)

Be-IT Resourcing Recruitment methods and media 2015/2016 (Pt III)

Posted on 13th February 2016

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This is the third in my series of articles summarising the results of the research* we carried out into salary levels across the IT/computing industry and which also examined how many changed jobs last year and intend to do so this year and also considered the reasons why they moved jobs in 2015 and why they might do so in 2016.

The final questions we asked were about the channels candidates take to the job market. This was kept nice and simple: we asked if respondents used any of the following (they could obviously choose more than one):

  • Job-boards
  • Recruitment agencies/headhunters
  • Direct approach to a company
  • Social media
  • Newspaper or other print advert
  • Other

The results are much as we would expect…

Be-IT research chart


In the IT world, the two principal routes to a new job are via job-boards and, in particular, a recruitment agency/headhunter.  Just over three-quarters (76%) of our sample uses job-boards, while 84% use the services of a recruitment specialist. 

It’s interesting that nearly half (47%) also make direct approaches to potential new employers.  The world has changed from the days in which everyone expected to look up their local paper at the end of the week to see if there was a job there that tickled their fancy.  That’s certainly reflected in the fact that only 8% of our respondents look to print media.  On the other hand, the rise of social media has, as we know, created a host of new opportunities for recruiters and candidates alike: this is shown by the large number, again almost half of the sample (46%) who told us they use social channels to find their next job.

The ‘other’ sources listed were, perhaps surprisingly, few and far between.  However, almost universally, the methods listed were some variation on networking/personal contacts/word-of-mouth.  This is still a good way for a lot of people to find a job – as we all know, many jobs are not advertised and a few are, despite what good HR practice might suggest, done on a nod and a wink. 

Overall though, the message is clear.  If you are looking for a job, a recruitment agency (we recommend Be-IT but others are available!) is a very good place to start.  You should also keep your eyes on the relevant job-boards and social media and don’t be afraid to approach anyone directly.  Later on this year, if we have time, we’ll perhaps carry out a further piece of more detailed research into social media channels used for recruitment, but in the meantime, I trust this series of three articles, covering the more qualitative aspects of our research at the end of 2015, has been of value. 

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT Resourcing

*This research was carried out by an independent third party, using Be-IT’s database of over 2,500 individuals, our consultants’ extensive Linkedin contacts and a social media campaign. 

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