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Be-IT in the news – Making the (Business) Connection with Edinburgh Chamber

Be-IT in the news – Making the (Business) Connection with Edinburgh Chamber

Posted on 5th April 2016

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If you haven’t seen the latest Edinburgh Chamber ‘Business Connection’ then can we respectfully suggest that it’s worth a look? 

Be-IT features prominently, in a double page spread interview (pp 14, 15) with our very own Mr Biggerstaff (and a nice photo on page 7).  While it’s nice to get the publicity, more importantly, the article makes several serious points about the digital revolution and the growing problems of cyber security. Scotland, like the world in general, is behind the curve in this respect.   A major part of the problem is the skills gap which, as Gareth notes in his interview, is quite likely to take up to five years (if not more) to overcome. The lack of suitably qualified coders and digital specialists and the insufficient numbers coming through the education system are undoubtedly a concern. 

Edinburgh Chamber Business Connection magazine 

However, with these challenges come opportunities, and the next generation of talent is coming – and will continue to come – albeit time is not with us.  As one of the headlines in the article says, quoting Gareth, “what needs to be done is to encourage more of our young people to see digital technology as part of their career ladder”. We can, and must, do this – and if and when we do, those opportunities will proliferate and we’ll see the digital industries play an even greater role as an engine of economic growth, with a massively growing domestic market and export opportunities galore.

If you’d like to see Edinburgh Chamber’s latest Business Connection, go to this link:

Alma Kettles, Associate Director, Be-IT Resourcing

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