Scot Secure 2016 –the Be-IT perspective
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Scot Secure 2016 –the Be-IT perspective

Scot Secure 2016 –the Be-IT perspective

Posted on 25th April 2016

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Well, if you remember, it was a lovely, sunny day last Thursday.  Probably the best weather we’ve had this year, and it certainly encouraged a lot of people to head to Dynamic Earth for the 2016 Scot Secure Conference.  With nearly 200 attendees, a 20% rise on previous year’s attendance, and excellent speakers, it a really good event.

Picture of Ami Islam and the Be-IT exhibition stand

Those 200 or so people included the bright-eyed and busy-tailed delegation from Be-IT and, while we were unashamedly there to see what business opportunities there might be (a lot), we also regard these conferences as an essential part of our CPD.  As professional IT recruiters, it’s vital we keep on top of our subject matter and with almost our entire world now seemingly online, cyber security is increasingly important and that’s reflected in the huge growth in the number of vacancies we have from clients looking for ethical hackers, analysts, managers, security admin and the like.

Be-IT’s Michael Phair noted, “the sessions helped look at some of the key challenges and offered valuable insights and advice that we could take away. Overall, it was a good opportunity to meet with security experts, to hear what is currently in vogue, what’s expected to happen in the next few years and generally to glean important information across the security field that will help us understand our clients’ needs.”

The topics were diverse and interesting; ranging from (amongst many others), “Protecting your business, brand, and customer experience from modern malware” to “Hacking the feedback loop” and “Breaking the internet.” 

The latter was based on the expectation, as reported by Dell, that “99% of all the traffic on the Internet will be encrypted within the next five years. This will cause massive problems for IT Security Professionals, Law Enforcement and, in fact, any business who are faced with risks around IP Theft, Data Loss, and Fraud.”

That sounds scary, largely because it is!  Moreover, it will not just cause “massive problems for IT Security Professionals etc.”, but also for IT recruiters.  The demand for cyber security specialists is only going one way and it’s essential that the recruitment industry knows what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen in the future. That’s why we were at Scot Secure 2016, and that’s why we’ll be back again next year.

Michael Phair, Senior IT Recruiter, Be-IT Resourcing

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