Karolina Bajbuz is the most recent recruit to the Be-IT team
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Recruitment Interview - cats, pierogi, architecture, 3D printers and our newest recruit!

Recruitment Interview - cats, pierogi, architecture, 3D printers and our newest recruit!

Posted on 14th May 2016

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Picture of Karolina BajbuzKarolina Bajbuz is the most recent recruit to the Be-IT team.  She hails originally from Ukraine, but has spent most of her life in Gdansk in Poland.  She came to Edinburgh some four weeks ago and, in her words, “I really liked it here – the people, the environment, the arts, culture and the architecture.” 

Having decided she wanted to stay (and being able to relocate her cats), she set out to use her recruitment experience and, a little later, turned up at Be-IT.  So what does she make of it so far – and what can she tell us about herself?



What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?
-HR advisor in a global corporation
-Russian teacher at the language school
-Illustrator at the animation studio

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
Outside of work - Accidentally sending an invite for a drink to a guy I did NOT wish to meet with...

What make a good recruiter?
A personalised approach, flexibility, integrity, knowledge of the market and technology that he/she is recruiting for.

Favourite food and drink and where in the world would you like to be when you are having them?  
Sushi & whisky, here in Scotland.

Recommend a restaurant and/or bar for us? 
All dumplings (“pierogi”) restaurants in Poland!

What’s your view of the market just now where are the real challenges?
Highly competitive environment within IT/tech industry, where, as recruiters, we always need to keep abreast with new technologies and tools and think in an unconventional way to win the best talent and provide top service for our customers.

What do candidates need to do better to help you get them a job?
Adjust the CV to a specific job (make sure it provides true information, though) & prepare for your interview.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
www.boredpanda.com – lots of interesting articles about design and art.

Favourite (work) website and why?
www.socialtalent.co – a great source of information and tools for recruiters who utilise social media for recruitment on a regular basis.

Favourite techie gadget?
3D printer – because it helps to transfer one’s ideas into tangible reality!

And finally, what’s it like at Be-IT so far?
So far? I love it – the atmosphere in the office is great and I like learning from the others here.”

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