Twitter recruitment - these changes are good news!
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Twitter recruitment - these changes are good news!

Twitter recruitment - these changes are good news!

Posted on 24th May 2016

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w-i-t-t-ee-r (gives us more characters for recruitment)* 

It’s been much touted (at least amongst those of us who look at these things), but now Twitter has announced the changes that will, they hope, take their platform to the next level. 

At one time, it was mooted that the 140 character limit would be torn up and a new, 10,000 limit introduced. “That’s not a tweet, that’s a short story,” just about summed up the response of many.  It was pointed out, quite forcibly, that the 140 character limit was what gave Twitter its, well, character. So now the changes have been announced, what’s happening?

Well, the good news is that Twitter has listened. Instead of massively hiking the limit, they’re making attachments (photos, videos, etc.) no longer count towards that magical 140 number.  Similarly, when you reply to tweets, the @name will no longer be part of your allocated characters.  There’s more of the same but it all amounts to a practical, indeed pragmatic response to a medium that is very important in the market. Research shows that Twitter is the most used medium by techies so it’s clearly important for a company like ours.  We work very hard at our social marketing and get over 25% of our website traffic (up to 33% at times) from social media.  We think these new changes are going to be good for us and all recruiters who use Twitter.

That said, the other change being introduced is to allow anyone to RT their own tweet.  I’m not entirely convinced about this one. We already have the facility through multi-posting tools to re-buffer (i.e. repeat) tweets, but of more importance there is no point in the recruitment industry killing the golden goose by saturating the twittersphere with jobs, constantly retweeted.  People are on Twitter for all sorts of reasons. Finding a job is only one of them and it’s important that we, as recruiters, recognise that and get the correct balance between advertising jobs and communicating information like this.

If you want to see the full Twitter blog that announced these changes (which includes far more detail than I’ve given here, you can see it at this link:

Michael Phair, Be-IT Resourcing 

* yes, we know that's the old Twitter logo but the bird doesn't work there!

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Ah ! Yes I spotted that graphics seemed to not be so tricky to add to Twitter any more ! Thanks for spotting that one ! Yes I agree - the 140 character limit is pretty tight for my political rantings ! but it does make you think very carefully about what you want to say ! and sometimes its remarkable how much you can cut down your tweet yet still say the same thing !
Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2016 21:19 by Jennifer Wilson

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