Software Holidays - the Be-IT boys and girls hit the beach!
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Software Holidays - the Be-IT boys and girls hit the beach!

Software Holidays - the Be-IT boys and girls hit the beach!

Posted on 3rd July 2016

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Now you might not think it if you go by how they behave in the office, but the Be-IT team are quite normal people.  And like most normal people they are looking forward to a summer holiday. So we thought it would be fun to find out where, if anywhere, they are heading …  We asked three questions – 1) Where are you going on holiday, 2) what will you do on holiday (that you can tell us about) and 3) what do you think the typical recruiter’s holiday is like (not that we’re stereotyping our industry).

With no further ado, let’s hear from them all -

Michael Phair:  I’m going to Tenerife for a week in September. I’m going for the sun, a tan, possibly some drink, definitely some relaxation and, most important of all, the chance to turn my email off.

Freddie Kydd is our fitness fanatic, so this year he’s going to Italy, or to be more precise Tuscany (so he must have been hitting his targets), where he’s going to cycle from Pisa to Florence and back again. Rumours that he’s tying weights to his bike to make it more difficult are (probably) untrue. 

The inestimable Zander (Stuart Alexander) is going to try to enjoy a holiday in this country, or to be more precise Scarborough, where, as he puts it, “I’ll be trying to keep three young people, aged from 8 to 18, occupied while at the same time not falling out with my wife about this extremely tough challenge.”

Associate Director Alma Kettles is another opting for the joys of home, specifically one of Scotland’s most beautiful islands, namely Skye.  When she gets there she tells us, “I’m going to ramble in the Highlands (not a euphemism) with my partner and our West Highland Terrier, while being eaten alive by midgies.” 

Ami Islam, and I know his colleagues will be surprised to read this, is actually not the one going to the most exotic location. Well, unless you consider the Algarve as exotic. However, it’s his first time there and he says he can’t wait.  Actually, what he said he’s going to be doing is… “Relaxing, working on my tan…can I say that?” (you just have - Ed).

New boy John Walker looks like he’s setting the bar very high this summer. He’s going to Las Vegas where he says he’ll be exploring the Strip and playing roulette. It’s not called Lost Wages for nothing.

Alasdair Walker is not actually going on holiday this summer, so he’s either saving for a bigger holiday later or is so keen on his work that he can’t bear to be away from the office. We think it’s the former.

Susie Toner is off to Olu Deniz in Turkey for a fortnight, to relax with family and friends.  She says she’s looking forward to sunbathing and sightseeing.  So, no drinking then Susie? 

Alastair Philp (see photo) is going further afield than anyone.  His holiday this year will be in Japan, where he tells us that he’ll be visiting his stepbrother, who lives there, and also climbing, skiing and doing all the normal, touristy stuff.

Most of the team think that our Finance supremo, the overworked and, she says, underpaid, Caroline Heaney, has too much to do, counting up all the money we’re making, to take any time off in the next few months. Caroline says this may be true but that isn’t going to stop her going to Spain in September for a week in a private villa with three other girlfriends. There she plans to do very little and drink lots of wine – sounds like bliss!

And finally, Gareth Biggerstaff is taking time out with his family in Florida, where he tells us they are looking forward to visits to Disney and Universal. Drinking, he says, is an optional extra.

When it came to what our team think is a typical recruitment consultant’s hollday, opinions were fairly consistent.  Mostly (apart from Freddie, who has some strange ideas about his competitors’ idea of a good time), everyone said, “beach”, “drink”, “sunshine”, “more drink”, “pool bar”, “even more drink”.  I can’t imagine how they got these ideas! Gareth reckons that the image of the recruiter giving it large in Benidorm belongs to the past and now a lot of recruiters prefer exploring new places. To support that view, Susie noted that over the last few years she has been to New York, Last Vegas, Mauritius, Ibiza, Tenerife, Iceland, lots of places in the UK and Europe and she also likes to camp in Scotland and visit the islands.  Perhaps recruiters like their holidays like their workload? … full of variety!  





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