More data on jobs, recruitment and salaries post Brexit
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More data on jobs, recruitment and salaries post Brexit

More data on jobs, recruitment and salaries post Brexit

Posted on 1st August 2016

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The June/July APSCo “Professional Recruitment Trends” shows no dramatic changes before and after the Brexit vote, largely because, as they report, “the professional jobs market remains subdued due to uncertainties around Brexit”, although they go on to note “there are signs that demand for permanent hires may have turned a corner”.

As we have written on our blog pages recently, it’s too early to say what will happen as the UK slowly engages with the processes involved in leaving the EU, but the signs are what we might describe as “OKish”.  Certainly, while this most recent APSCo report shows that both temp and perm placements are 2% down over the year, demand (i.e. new vacancies) actually increased by 1% for permanent vacancies and only fell by 0.3% for temp jobs.

Salaries, which we know are of interest to all our candidates, saw increases in five major sectors: by 5.8% in Financial Services, 3.3% in IT, 2.6% in Engineering, 2.2% in Marketing and 2.1% in Social Care. 

The APSCo survey also shows employment continuing to grow, to 31.7M across the UK (virtually full-employment in some areas) and with the number of vacancies increasing by 2% from April to June this year, the overall jobs market is certainly booming.   That said, in digital/IT, the supply of talent for these new jobs is often scarce. Perhaps that’s why Be-IT is so busy!

Stuart Alexander, Operations Manager, Be-IT Resourcing

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