CodeClan, Be-IT scholarships – and stand up comedy (honestly).
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CodeClan, Be-IT scholarships – and stand up comedy (honestly).

CodeClan, Be-IT scholarships – and stand up comedy (honestly).

Posted on 29th August 2016

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Claire Smith, our first Be-IT CodeClan Scholar, has now successfully completed her studies and, as we told you in a blog a few months ago, Be-IT has agreed to fund two more scholarships.  So now we have not one, but two new Be-IT CodeClan Scholars - Siân Robinson Davies and Charlotte Lawton.

Sian Robinson Davies

Siân studied Art and Linguistics at university but since then has taught design and editing software at Edinburgh College of Art. She also worked as a freelancer, doing CSS and HTML work.  Her interest has grown and developed over the years, helped, we suspect, by having a boyfriend who is studying for a PhD in Computer Science at Heriot-Watt.

I began by asking her how she came across CodeClan and the Be-IT Scholarship?

“It was advertised on Facebook, but I was also generally aware of CodeClan, so I went along to the info session and then applied after that.  The whole process was straightforward, well organised and easy.

“I had been offered a place, but had not yet taken it up, when I became aware of the Be-IT Scholarship, so I applied for that too and was successful!  It’s brilliant to have this support and I’m really grateful to them.”

The next question was about the course – basically, “what do you think of it so far?”

“It is AMAZING.  The facilities, the hands-on learning, the fact that the ratio of instructors to students is so high, the way we are encouraged to work together, the support we all receive and give each other – for me, it’s an ideal learning environment.

“Another good thing is the mix of different backgrounds we all have. There are lots of different views and opinions and everyone has different strengths. Because of my background, I’d say mine are in the front-end, user experience side, whereas others have a more scientific/logic-based training and this mix of skills/experience means we are able to help one another. That said, it is very hard work, really intensive and I’m tired every night after a class.”

So, what’s next once you’ve finished the course?

“I’m not planning yet for employment, although obviously, as we move through the course, that is starting to happen.  CodeClan arranges for various employers to come in to talk to us about careers. Although I’m likely to capitalise on my existing design skills, I am hoping my newly gained Javascript skills will help me get a good job.”

And finally, my last question was the great left-field one, tell us something about yourself that would surprise us...?

“Most people wouldn’t guess it, but I do stand-up comedy. I co-host an alterative comedy night in Edinburgh and I write fiction.”



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