Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues? Time to move job in September?
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Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues? Time to move job in September?

Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues? Time to move job in September?

Posted on 30th August 2016

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The Who, Summertime Blues

CV Library has produced a really interesting piece of research that highlights the substantial numbers of IT/digital professionals who are expected to be looking for a job next month. 

We know that the entire recruitment market normally experiences a fillip once the summer holidays are over, but it seems that this is particularly so for the world of IT.  Some two-thirds of those working in the digital and computing industries struggle to get back into their routine and over 50% believe that their morale drops at this time – something for which an even greater number (80%) blame their employers apparently, although that seems a bit unfair as I suspect the weather and the end of the holiday season may have a large part to play.

CV Library also reports that “last year … we saw job creation within the IT sector rise by 13 per cent, and we’re hopeful that we’ll witness a similar increase again this year.”   While we at Be-IT are seeing a lot of new jobs coming on stream as we move into September, it’s worth making the point that job creation is not the same as people wanting to move on, although clearly more new jobs makes it easier for those IT professionals who do wish to find new employment.  Of course, we also have the Brexit element to factor in: will there be fewer new jobs created over the rest of 2016 as companies ponder what’s coming in the next few years?  If so, then some of those who do want a new job may be disappointed.  It’s also worth noting that for those north of the border, the schools have been back for a week or more, so there has been time to get over the summertime blues.  However, if you haven’t, why not try this version of Eddie Cochran’s classic, by The Who, and you should cheer up instantly!

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