Midwifery – and how it gave birth to a career in coding…
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Midwifery – and how it gave birth to a career in coding…

Midwifery – and how it gave birth to a career in coding…

Posted on 2nd September 2016

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A few days ago, we published our first interview with Siân Robinson Davies, one of the two, new Be-IT CodeClan Scholars.  Siân has a degree in Art, but Charlotte Lawton, our second Codeclan Scholar, has a very different background.  Let her take up the story…

“At school I had no real interest in computing. Instead, I wanted to be a midwife, so I went straight from school into training and qualified last October.  However, I soon realised that it wasn’t for me and I decided to look for a change of career.  

“A friend who is a developer said I should get into IT, especially as there are not many women who work in it and there are major skill shortages so there are lots of opportunities available.

“I saw the CodeClan advert on Facebook.  I then came into their office and spoke to them to find out more. They were really helpful and nice, saying that they are always keen to have people from diverse backgrounds applying – so I did!

“The whole application process was really good.  The info session was great and filled me with confidence that this was the right move for me.  I then saw on the Codeclan Facebook page that Be-IT was offering a scholarship and thought ‘I’ll give that a go’, but there were only a few days before it closed so I had to get my skates on! I was elated when I learnt I had been awarded the scholarship.”

“I have to say I am absolutely loving it the course. It’s very hard work, a bit like a crash course in a foreign language, but everyone at CodeClan is really friendly and helpful. We are encouraged to questions, no matter how trivial they might seem, and the instructors go out of their way to answer them.”

“As regards where this might lead, I hope that the people skills I learned during my time training as a midwife will be helpful in the future. Currently, I don’t know where exactly my training will take me, but from what I’ve heard from the previous cohort of students, it’s likely to be somewhere interesting”.

“As for your question about ‘what would surprise everyone?’, it’s perhaps not quite as left-field as Siân’s answer (stand-up comedian!) but I have taken up golf and I find it’s just like IT- hard work but really satisfying when you get it right!  Especially when you birdie the 8th and 9th at the Wee Braids course while playing with your boyfriend!”


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