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Be-IT, Glasgow and the Nikola Kelly interview

Be-IT, Glasgow and the Nikola Kelly interview

Posted on 5th November 2016

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As you know, we like to do interviews with everyone who joins the company.  When it's someone as well-known and well-respected as this lady, that makes it even more special and interesting.  While her reluctance to reveal her biggest disaster at work may be considered by some a disappointment, she has a lot of interesting comments about the IT recruitment market in general - and the best place to go to eat and drink in Glasgow. She is, of course...

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Name: Nikola Kelly

Job title:  Associate Director

What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?
I have sold IT solutions for HP and online advertising to recruitment businesses for Monster.

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?

No comment. This story is only ever disclosed towards the end of a night out (Ed’s note, we’re working on this…!)

What make a good recruiter?
A good recruiter needs to be honest, hard working and focused. As a recruiter, you normally only get paid on results, so being honest with yourself, clients, candidates and colleagues is the best way to succeed. Don’t over promise and always manage expectations. With the current market being very candidate-led, you need to work hard and smart. The best recruiters I have worked with have been focused in delivering the best customer service and everything else follows. I think that is what differentiates good recruiters from the rest.

Favourite food and drink and where in the world would you like to be when you are having them?  

Sushi in Tokyo. One of the places I visited when on honeymoon was Japan and as it was a special holiday we went to some very nice bars and restaurants, but my favorite memories are eating the best (£3) Sushi after singing karaoke until 4 am! Although, I don’t think anyone else in the karaoke bar enjoyed my version of ‘Like a Prayer’ every night for a week.

Recommend a restaurant and/or bar for us? 
Ox and Finch is my favourite just now in Glasgow. I lived in Finnieston 10 years ago, when some of the pubs still had no windows from the time when the workmen from the shipyards on the Clyde used to go up for a pint or two at all times of the day. It is very different now but a great place to drink and eat and the food in Ox and Finch is amazing.

What’s your view of the market just now – where are the real challenges?
The technology market is very busy. Despite uncertain times, FS clients are still recruiting heavily and the increase in successful software businesses and start-ups is creating a demand for top talent. Candidates tend to have multiple options when looking for a new role and, as always, sometimes the best candidates for a job aren’t actively looking. Gone are the days when a job can be filled by advert responses; good recruiters need to understand what our clients can offer, map out the market to find the best matches and engage with those candidates effectively. We work closely with our clients to improve recruitment processes and ensure everyone has a positive experience, no matter the outcome. Clients need to move quickly to get the best candidates and candidates need information to decide which are the best options to consider at any one time.

What do you think Be-IT can bring to the Glasgow market?
Be-IT has an excellent reputation for delivery, for building long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates, and for knowing its market. I too take pride in all these things and I believe that my team in Glasgow will add to the company's reputation in these three areas. We have a vast network to add to Be-IT’s current client and candidate base and the same work ethic as the skilled team in Edinburgh. Customer services, delivery and knowledge of technology are at the core of what we offer. We know what our clients want and need and, likewise, what our candidates’ wants and needs are - and it is blending this knowledge that allows us to place the right people in the right businesses.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
I look to cook (well, to eat) and shop so my most visited websites are probably BBC Food for recipes and NET-A-PORTER.

Favourite (work) website and why?
All recruiters probably say this (they do – Ed) but it has to be LinkedIn. It has changed the way we recruit and gives us almost unlimited data on our market, both from a client and candidate perspective.

Favourite techie gadget?
My phone and chromecast- these beautiful pieces of technology allow a full-time, working mother of three young children to still have a long lie of a weekend morning. Maybe not parent of the year material, but it works for us!

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