The 2016 IT salary survey by Be-IT
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The 2016 IT salary survey by Be-IT

The 2016 IT salary survey by Be-IT

Posted on 3rd December 2016

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The Be-IT 2016 Salary Survey

Gosh, is it only a year ago we were doing this!?  I'm afraid so, and I'm sure you'll agree that it's sometimes scary just how time flies...  

Money graphicIn the fiercely competitive world of IT recruitment, with continuing skills shortages almost everywhere, the laws of supply and demand have inexorably pushed up salaries in many areas, partly to attract new talent and partly in an attempt to retain the talent companies already have on their books.

Consequently, in our first year in business we resolved to have an annual salary survey, allowing candidates and companies to get a yearly snapshot of how the market rates have changed for both permanent employees and contractors.

We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes - and it really is only a few minutes - to complete this survey.  It's being carried out by an independent third party, is totally confidential and simply involves going to our survey monkey link, scrolling down till you find your discipline, and then putting in your current salary details or contract rate against your level of experience.  There are also a few other questions about the media choices you might make in searching for a new job and how often you  have changed jobs in the past year.  In 2016, Scottish Enterprise made use of the data we collated in regards to frequency of job change, so it's not just us who are interested in these kinds of studies.

Please do take a minute to complete the survey.  We'll share the results with everyone in January, once we've been through all the number crunching!

Thanks (in advance) for your help.

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT Resourcing

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