Let’s raise money for Kidney Kids Scotland
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Let’s raise money for Kidney Kids Scotland

Let’s raise money for Kidney Kids Scotland

Posted on 24th April 2017

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Now four is not normally an anniversary that most people celebrate.  According to the fount of all knowledge that is Wikipedia, the usual present for a fourth anniversary is fruit (or linen if you are America, which we aren’t).  We think that’s a bit rubbish to be honest.  Moreover, you’re hardly going to hand over your hard-earned for some fruit and a napkin, are you?

We want to raise £2,000, for our chosen charity. We’re starting from the premise that it’s one thing just to ask for money but it’s much better fun (and we think it will also get more cash for the charity) if we set ourselves some targets.

Consequently, we have a rather splendid list of things that will happen as we meet these targets.  Once each is hit and the ‘event’ happens, we’ll capture it on film (or more likely on an iPhone) and post it on our blog page.   So in order to inspire you all, here’s what’s going to happen.

  • Gareth will cycle to and from work on the actual day of our anniversary (16th of June).  Bear in mind he lives in Fife and our office is in central Edinburgh, so we hope the bridge doesn’t get shut! This will happen no matter what we make.
  • Christina is going to do something spectacular when we get to £750.  She won’t tell us what, but does promise that we’ll be entertained…
  • Michael, Sean & Graeme will wear a dress to work once we reach £1000. There is no truth in the rumour that I have a large wardrobe of said items. We will also get a waxing strip taken from our legs…:(
  • Alastair is a Celtic fan.  Alastair is going to wear a Rangers top (and be photographed for posterity in it) once we reach £1250.  And if you think this is amusing…
  • Ami, who is an five star, ocean-going Rangers’ fan, will wear a Celtic strip ALL day at work once we reach £1500. It’s going to be worth it just for this, so please give as much as you can!
  • And when we get to £1750 Jen says she has a surprise in store for us.  We’re not sure if this means she’s taking us to Debenhams or doing something that eclipses even Christine’s efforts at £750.
  • The biggie - Gareth will dress up as a Leprechaun once we reach £2000.  

In addition, "Team Admin" will hold a bake sale on at the morning of Friday 16th June.  Not quite 'Bake Off", but we're looking forward to what they produce!  Also, Freddie and Alastair will cycle from Edinburgh to Glasgow and Nicky is taking part in a triathlon (which involves a 450m open water swim in Loch Lomond followed by 9K on a bike and then a 3km run!) so there is a lot of effort going into making this as big a success as possible.  

Consequently, please can you all give generously at this JustGiving link and make sure you keep an eye on our blog/news page for the photos and updates as we start to hit our target.  If you know any Celtic fans, encourage them to donate so we can see Ami in the hoops, and if you’re at all fashion minded you might like to suggest what kind of dress Graeme, Sean and I should wear.

And if you read our next blog, you’ll find out a little bit more about what’s planned in the Be-IT offices on the actual day of our anniversary.

Michael Phair, Client Engagement Manager, Be-IT Resourcing


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