Our new Consultant - happy up a mountain or in a lake, preferably with some French food and wine
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Our new Consultant - happy up a mountain or in a lake, preferably with some French food and wine.

Our new Consultant - happy up a mountain or in a lake, preferably with some French food and wine.

Posted on 26th April 2017

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Nicky Potts pictureOur new lady in Glasgow says she's happiest when she's up a mountain of any sorts.  What she doesn't tell us here (but you can find it in yesterday's blog) is that she's also happy swimming about in freezing water, running miles (usually strapping on weights to make it more difficult - or we may have made that up) and generally being incredibly fit.  That apart, she's also a very talented recruiter.  It's time to meet....

Name  Nicky Potts

Job title Senior Consultant

What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?
I’ve worked as a waitress and sold photography packages.

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
When I worked as a waitress I went out the night before my shift, got drunk and fell on my face at a roller disco ... resulting in two massive black eyes.  My regular customers (a lovely group of pensioners) where having a whip round for me thinking I had been in a terrible accident and I had to go over with my Sambuca breath and explain what had actually happened. I can confirm, shame feels worse than a hangover!

What make a good recruiter?
I think you have to be interested in people and genuinely empathetic and knowledgeable about the field you work in. Moving jobs is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life so candidates want to know they can trust you and clients want you to have the technical knowledge to qualify candidates.

There are plenty of bad recruiters out there: the good ones don’t try to sell to you, they find out what your problem is and do their best to solve it.

Favourite food and drink and where in the world would you like to be when you are having them?  
I love French food and obviously a wee bit of wine to go with it (there is a wee joke somewhere in here – Ed). You will find me happiest when I am on a mountain of any sort.

Recommend a restaurant and/or bar for us? 
Tinto in Battlefield in Glasgow: cheap sangria, excellent tapas and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

What’s your view of the market just now – where are the real challenges?
I think the Glasgow recruitment market is in a pretty amazing place right now; there is so much investment, exciting start-ups and large-scale digital transformations. Candidates have more choice than ever in my opinion. I think the challenge is that businesses need to respond and make their processes more agile to cope with such a busy market. Generally, I think it is a great time to be a tech recruiter and for candidates it’s a good time to take that leap and make a move.

What do you think Be-IT can bring to the Glasgow market?
Having previously worked for one of the largest recruitment companies in the world I have to say the talent in Be-IT is pretty phenomenal. The majority of us have at least 2 years’ experience in development recruitment alone.. How many tech recruitment firms can say that? Clients and candidates know that when we sign with them as a recruitment partner they have a dedicated consultant who will ensure that they get a consistently high quality service.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
It’s an app, but I have to say I love Amazon, especially Prime ... free food, games, gifts and whatever else delivered to my door for free within the hour.. we are living in the future!

Favourite (work) website and why?
Boring but Linkedin - makes me more money that all the cv boards put together.

Favourite techie gadget?
My PC - it’s a beaut and killing ghouls (zombies if you will) is an ideal way to unwind after a stressful day at work. Or my Withings watch. It’s a smart watch that senses activities (it knows if you go for a swim) and it looks like an antique – it’s brilliant.


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