Zander is footing the bill for the Kidney Kids
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Zander is footing the bill for the Kidney Kids

Zander is footing the bill for the Kidney Kids

Posted on 3rd May 2017

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As you know, or should know if you’re following our blog (and if not why not?), Be-IT is celebrating it’s fourth year of existence by making a serious effort to raise a couple of grand for a very worthwhile charity – Kidney Kids Scotland. 

Also, as you may know, the reason we’re supporting this very worthwhile charity is because Stuart Alexander, our idiosyncratic and much loved Ops Manager, has a son who has had problems with his kidneys and may require a transplant at a future date.

And, as you, yet again, may know, many of the Be-IT team are doing their own thing in an effort to raise as much money as possible for this very worthwhile cause. Our Old Firm fans will wear the shirt of hurt (i.e. will don a Rangers shirt if they’re a Celtic fan and vice versa) while there is a whole lot of cycling taking place, a triathlon, some baking, and lots of other wholesome entertainment that ought to help us meet our target.   However, the aforementioned Stuart (Zander) Alexander has now offered to, literally, put his body on the line in order to ensure we make our target.

Zander's foot of pain!More specifically Zander has vowed to get his foot (yes, the one pictured here) tattooed with the Be-IT logo when we hit £1,500.  He hopes that by doing so he will encourage everyone to go that extra foot/yard/mile and get us to our £2K target. That’s real commitment, and we hope that it encourages everyone – at Be-IT and amongst our clients and candidates – to support the charity campaign.

Fundraising chart in Be-IT Office.Not only is Zander going a step beyond the shirt of hurt to the foot of pain, we’re delighted to say that Blue Tiger, the rather excellent tattoo artistes of Leith Walk in Edinburgh, have very generously offered to do Stuart’s tattoo free, gratis and for nothing.  We have to say a big thank you to Blue Tiger, however, before they can be needled into action we need to hit that £1,500 target.  As you can see from the chart on the office wall (left) we're currently at just over £500, after only a week and a few days, so make sure you circulate this JustGiving link as widely as possible – on your Facebook page, via Twitter or whatever is your preferred social medium – and let’s get as much money as possible for this really worthwhile cause.

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT Resourcing




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