No complacency here - our newest Resourcer reveals all!
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No complacency here - our newest Resourcer reveals all!

No complacency here - our newest Resourcer reveals all!

Posted on 16th June 2017

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Sinead DewarName: Sinead Dewar

Job title: Resourcer

What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?

I have mainly worked within financial services / investment companies in and around Edinburgh and have worked pretty much every role from customer service to project implementation / training manager.

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
I don’t think I have one, but…

I once fell asleep in a stockroom during my time working at JD Sports! I was 17, experiencing one of my first hangovers and having an all round rough day. I snuck round the back of some clothes rail to have five minutes to myself and woke up about an hour later! Thankfully I don’t think anyone noticed.

What make a good recruiter?

I think you have to enjoy and take a genuine interest in speaking to people. Especially during uncertain times… I feel candidates take a lot of confidence from someone who is on hand to take their calls / answer emails and provide feedback (good & bad) rather than a recruiter who just forwards their CV and they never hear back from them.

Favourite food and drink and where in the world would you like to be when you are having them?  
I love any type of seafood! Particularly with a nice glass of wine on / close to a warm sandy beach (so not Scotland then – Ed)

Recommend a restaurant and/or bar for us? 
Zittos Wine Bar – North Berwick

What’s your view of the market just now – where are the real challenges?
From my perspective, there is a huge demand for talented candidates in the market at the moment. A lot of companies are investing heavily in new technology and the challenge is keeping up with that demand! Candidates have the luxury of choice, sometimes too much and being able to manage both client and candidates expectations is key.

What do you think Be-IT can bring to the Edinburgh market?
I think I sound like a broken record when I say this but for me it is genuinely exciting and refreshing to be working for a company where each and every person wants to be here and has a drive to do well. The determination to constantly do more, do better, and learn is what will set us aside from the rest! I got a feeling of complacency from my previous company which I don’t think works in this business and limits any success to have.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
Topshop! – Lets just say I never have anything to wear!

Favourite (work) website and why?
LinkedIn.  For someone relatively new to recruitment it’s a great way to build contacts / network.

Favourite techie gadget?
I’m not really a techie person – I would have to say my iPhone. It does everything I need and is permanently attached to me.

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