The Be-IT Bake Off hits Queen Street!
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The Be-IT Bake Off hits Queen Street!

The Be-IT Bake Off hits Queen Street!

Posted on 19th June 2017

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Be-IT Buns!


When we were thinking about ideas for raising money for Kidney Kids Scotland, we decided that we needed to come up with something that would sell like hot cakes. At this point we remembered we have some rather good bakers in the office.  And so it was that last Friday we could be found standing outside the main door of our Edinburgh office, with tables groaning under the weight of some very delicious baking while Stuart Alexander and a few others (see pic) leapt into the paths of passers-by and asked them nicely (OK, didn't take no for an answer) to buy a cake or two.  

More cakes

The ladies who bakeIt's testament to the quality of the baking and the presentation of the cakes that lots of people did just that - and we raised over £200 in only a few hours.  We never expected to make anything like this, so thank you the people of Edinburgh, and especially the gentleman who said he'd be back, went to the bank and then returned with a £20 note, explaining that his child too suffers from kidney disease.

For the record, the extremely able bakers were Caroline, Stuart's mother-in-law, Jen and Sinead (all of whom we think should now enter Bake-Off) and we'll also admit that the (very few) leftovers were taken back upstairs to the Be-IT office where they lasted about five minutes.

Jen Anderson, Be-IT Resourcing

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