Bailey Boo - the handsomest member of the Be-IT team
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Bailey Boo - the handsomest member of the Be-IT team

Bailey Boo - the handsomest member of the Be-IT team

Posted on 20th June 2017

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Every office has its characters. We have quite a lot, in both our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices.  However, there is one member of the team who is not just a character, he's universally popular, despite never hitting a target (unless you count mooching biscuits off Gareth), spending most of the day sleeping, snoring and shedding hair around the office.  Not only that, but his lady friend says he incredibly handsome, despite the fact that she has to take him outside at lunchtimes to prevent him using the office as a latrine.  It could only be the one and only Bailey Boo, the brown lab owned by Caroline our Finance Manager(BTW - don't be deceived by the photo - it's in black and white and Bailey is definitely brown!).


Bailey Boo

Undoubtedly the most handsome (despite what Ami says), albeit the laziest of the Be-IT team, Bailey is middle-aged, spoiled (especially by Gareth) and, unfortunately, prone to snoring and yelping in the office.

To be fair, that’s what Labradors do, and Bailey sees his role at Be-IT to be one of a conciliator, friend, guide and, at times a sage, providing sweetness and light in the occasionally excitable world of recruitment consultancy.

He shares the same foibles as some of his colleagues – a predilection for toys and an enthusiasm for walking in the country – although his co-workers don’t (we trust) relieve themselves in public.

His favourite toy is Mr Squeak, a sort-of mini space-hopper which he’s had since he was a puppy, but he’s also keen on plastic bottles, which can prove a problem if anyone leaves them lying on their desk.  We love him to bits.




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