The sky is definitely not falling, as the new Markit recruitment figures show!
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The sky is definitely not falling, as the new Markit recruitment figures show!

The sky is definitely not falling, as the new Markit recruitment figures show!

Posted on 9th July 2017

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A few days ago I wrote a blog post that pointed out that despite the prophecies of doom and disaster that the media were enthusiastically reporting over the last few months, the actual GDP figure for Scotland for Q1 of 2017 was much better than hoped for and that we should not talk ourselves down. Now I'm not daft: I know that we're not remotely out of the woods yet, but as I said, we should emphasise the positive and promote good news when we find it.

Here is some of that good news - and for the IT industry in Scotland it's very good news indeed, reflecting what we're seeing here at Be-IT with huge demand for talent from almost every IT discipline in every area of the country.

The June Markit survey reports, under the headline "Sharp improvement in Scottish labour market conditions in June," that "Steep growth in demand for both temporary and permanent staff, alongside sharp expansions in permanent staff placements and temp billings, all pointed towards stronger market conditions for workers in the Scottish economy. On the pay front, salary pressures remain steep..."

More specifically, in the IT sector, as the chart here (for perm demand) shows, IT is way out ahead of the other areas of the economy.  Just in case you're not sure of these stats, any figure above 50 shows growth. An index of 76 shows very healthy demand indeed.

Markit June 17 temp figuresWhen we look at temporary/contract appointments, the picture from June is even brighter. As the table from the Markit report shown on the right illustrates, IT is leading the way in the permanent jobs market.  

All in all, this most recent Markit survey, coupled with the good news of the Q1 growth figure, should give even the most hardened cynic grounds for optimism. The Scottish computing industries are going to be increasingly important as technological change drives future economic growth, and it's my intention to continue to accentuate the positive and report good news whenever it's appropriate to do so!

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT




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