How to help Kidney Kids? Get the Be-IT logo tattooed on your foot!
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How to help Kidney Kids? Get the Be-IT logo tattooed on your foot!

How to help Kidney Kids? Get the Be-IT logo tattooed on your foot!

Posted on 16th July 2017

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As you’ll know if you’ve been reading the Be-IT blogs over the last few months, we’ve been doing lots of daft (and some quite sensible) things to raise £2,000 for Kidney Kids Scotland. You’ll also know that we actually overachieved considerably, bringing in £2,700 (give or take 4p) for this incredibly worthwhile charity. And, of course, you’ll know that amongst the shaved heads, shirts of hurt, dyed hair, male leg-waxing, baking and balloon shaving, one promise stood out head and shoulders above the rest.


This was the commitment to have the Be-IT logo tattooed on his foot: made by Stuart Alexander, our Ops Manager, whose son Joe suffers from Kidney disease and consequently was the reason we selected Kidney Kids Scotland as our charity.   

Zander was as good as his word and last week walked confidently down to Blue Tiger, the excellent tattoo artistes of Leith Walk in Edinburgh, who very generously offered to do his tattoo free, gratis and for nothing as their contribution to the charity.  It must be said that Zander’s walk back to the office was not quite as comfortable as his stroll down to the tattoo parlour. Nonetheless, he had done what he said he would (we never doubted you for a moment Stuart) and the results are now available to anyone who doesn’t mind looking at his plates of meat, or, more specifically, the left one.  As you can see here, it’s a rather neat tattoo, capturing the company logo perfectly and only hurting a wee bit. Well done Zander!  You’d better hope we don’t change the logo soon…

Zander's foot with the Be-IT logo tattoo

For the final time, we would like to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to this fundraising that will help children who suffer from renal problems to live more normal, healthier lives.  

Gareth Biggerstaff, MD, Be-IT




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