The Shortage of Maths Teachers
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The Shortage of Maths Teachers

The Shortage of Maths Teachers

Posted on 17th July 2017

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Maths teacher

Good news - teacher numbers increased in 2016.

Bad  news - but that's still not enough, especially in key areas such as Maths.

Even allowing for the hype involved from opposition politicians, this report in today's Times makes for sobering reading. We simply are not training enough teachers full stop and the shortage in STEM subjects is particularly damaging to the future of our IT industries. At Be-IT we don't pretend to have a solution to it, but whatever that solution is will clearly take several years to come to fruition. This is a subject we've highlighted over the last few years and we make no apology for returning to it: without the seed corn needed to produce future generations of techies we are only going to see the recruitment market get more difficult.

Stuart Alexander, Be-IT



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