Totally mojado – but all in a good cause!
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Totally mojado – but all in a good cause!

Totally mojado – but all in a good cause!

Posted on 4th September 2017

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Unless you’re up on your Spanish*, you may be thinking this is another story about a recruitment consultancy involving a lot of heavy drinking.  Well, in a way, we did all end up in the drink, but not how you might have expected…

Last Sunday, 3rd September, a motley band of desperados, and the Be-IT team, made their way to Pitlochry for the annual fund-raising event that is the River Tummel Raft Race.  This is all done for the wonderful cause that is Edinburgh Sick Kids Charity and it involves everyone getting up early and heading off to the Highlands for noon.  Then, after an hour of meeting and greeting, it was time to don the safety gear (wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet, which meant that one of us didn’t have to get changed from the previous night, ho ho - no, only kidding) before heading out onto the water.

We then proceeded to bump our way down the river, setting a new record time…for us… in the process. It was great fun; there were lots of rapids to negotiate and it was, to employ typical British understatement, a tad choppy at times, but, thankfully, no-one fell out of the boat.  To celebrate, we all jumped in the water at the end.  That was a mistake.  It was Baltic!

Despite our PB record time (OK, we were faster than last year), we didn’t trouble the winners’ podium.  That means that we have to go back next year and try again (please!).

Michael Phair, Client Engagement Manager, Be-IT

* mojado = soaked (really soaked, not just a bit damp)


STOP PRESS:   We are told by the organisers that the total raised for the Edinburgh Sick Kids is £10,139.  Well done everyone concerned!

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