This new idea comes with strings attached
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This new idea comes with strings attached

This new idea comes with strings attached

Posted on 29th September 2017

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I rather like the news I saw on the ScotlandIS website a few days ago.  As someone with a keen interest in musical instruments I am well aware of how much technology affects the quality of the sound they produce.  Of course, the craftsmanship and the natural material are also of paramount importance, but without the strings they are not much use.

That's why this little story about a major development in guitar string technology is so interesting.  Without getting too technical (which is hard, given that these strings were developed by the Dr Jonathan Kemp, Head of Music Technology at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at th University of St Andrew's), when the guitarist bends the strings it affects the pitch of the notes each makes.  These new strings bend through the same pitch intervals (which was not really possible before) and thus allow players to make better use of the tremolo arm (as popularised many years ago by Hank Marvin in the Shadows).  If you're not with me, then just watch this little YouTube video featuring Dr Kemp demonstrating exactly what the new strings do!

Sean Gilger, Be-IT

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