Cocktails, pinks boxers and Snoop Dog (yes, it's a new Be-IT interview!)
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Cocktails, pinks boxers and Snoop Dog (yes, it's a new Be-IT interview!)

Cocktails, pinks boxers and Snoop Dog (yes, it's a new Be-IT interview!)

Posted on 24th October 2017

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It's a week or so since we launched our new website.  In all that time, our new consultants have been impatiently champing at the bit, wondering when their interviews were going to be published.  Well, they can wonder no more, as we'll be giving you the lowdown on all the new  people who have joined Be-IT in the last wee while and we can promise you that some of their answers to such questions as "what is the funniest thing you have seen in recruitment?" and "what is your biggest disaster at work?" are very amusing indeed.  None more so than today's interviewee, the cosmopolitan Garry Burns, who is based in our Edinburgh office but despite that favours a football team from outside the city.  We won't hold that against him.

Garry Burns picName: Garry Burns

Job title: Consultant

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in recruitment?
At one employer, we had a charity fundraising daywhich culminated with the Marketing Director and a Team Lead dressed up as Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, performing a rap parody of “Still Dre” with lyrics tailored to graduate sales recruitment. Absolute show-stopper!

What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?
I taught English to impoverished children in Vietnam and built high-power lasers. My favourite (before Be-IT, obviously) was as a Cocktail Bartender in a renowned Glasgow champagne bar.

What made you join Be-IT?
I had never heard anything negative from candidates or clients about Be-IT while working elsewhere: in fact all the feedback was complimentary.

Speaking with friends who work with Be-IT, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the culture, their approach to the recruitment market and how they strive to break away from the noise.

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
I was part of a team who went over to Belfast to run a Candidate Assessment Day on-site with one of our largest clients. Moving a box on the first morning, I squatted down to lift something and proceeded to burst the backside out my suit trousers in-front of my colleagues and the high-ranking clients. Cue uncontrolled laughter from them, particularly at my bright pink briefs, and a walk of shame from me through Belfast City Centre to find a tailor to sew me up!

What’s the biggest challenge in IT recruitment just now?
Breaking away from the noise. Technology Recruitment is heavily candidate-driven with demand outstripping supply. This has created an environment where recruiters face increasing demand and a highly competitive market where competitors are all after the same candidates. Standing out and being positively different is vital as candidates simply don’t respond to more traditional hiring practices – cold calls and InMails are less and less likely to yield a positive connection.

So, we must strive to stand out in a positive manner – both as an individual and as a business.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
Twitter is pretty good fun and has so much information regardless of what you’re into. 

Describe an ideal weekend (in no more than three sentences)?
It’s hard to beat enjoying good beers and good food with my girlfriend, family and friends while sat out in the sun, or inside next to the log fire.

I’m a football fan and have had season tickets with my Dad for years and no weekend is complete without some serious father-son time at a game whether it’s home or away.

I love the outdoors and need to have time out with my girlfriend and two terriers, Kobi and Nico, in the countryside to get away from the noise of the working week.

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