Yet more good news on the recruitment front
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Yet more good news on the recruitment front

Yet more good news on the recruitment front

Posted on 8th November 2017

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The October Markit report continues its seemingly unrelenting series of good recruitment news messages. At times, it's hard to square the strength of the recruitment market with the overall doom and gloom that we read in the press, about the economy generally and politics in particular.  However, the facts are that recruitment is booming, and no more so than in our own field of IT.

The new Markit report shows clearly the strength of our sector.  As you can see in the tables here, IT is the the area with most growth in perm placements last month and only just pushed into second place in the temp market by Blue Collar jobs.

Perm jobs, October 2017

Markit October 2017 Perm placements

Contractor jobs, October 2017

Markit October 2017, Temp jobs

On top of all this, there is, as usual, the news that candidate availability continues to be extremely tight, or, as the Markit report puts it, "Candidate supply has now declined for 68 consecutive months." We don't see too many signs of this easing any time soon.  However, as I always say at this point, that means that for good quality candidates there are lots of opportunities, not only for a career enhancing job but also for a salary hike to go with it.  Or, to quote again from this month's report, "Scottish recruiters recorded a rise in permanent starting salaries in October, thereby continuing a trend which has been observed since March 2013."

Gareth Biggerstaff, CEO, Be-IT

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