The water melon polisher who suffers from ophidiophobia
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The water melon polisher who suffers from ophidiophobia

The water melon polisher who suffers from ophidiophobia

Posted on 22nd November 2017

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Natalie McLeanName: Natalie McLean

Job title: Senior Consultant

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in recruitment?
Years ago I held a client event involving a cocktail-making master-class. It all started out very civilised, but come the end of the night as everyone was leaving one of the clients didn’t realise it was a glass fronted bar … he walked straight into the glass, bounced off it, adjusted his glasses and said, “does anyone know where the door is?” … yes, it’s what you just walked into. I couldn’t hold in my laughter!

What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?
For my sins … council tax debt recovery. On a lighter note,I polished watermelons on a farm in Australia (for 1 day).  Ed's note... this has caused some ribaldry in the office.

What made you join Be-IT?
They have a mature approach to recruitment where nurturing client and candidate relationships is the key to the success of their business.  They keep it clear and simple; it’s a real breath of fresh air.

What is your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
A works (recruitment) annual summer event in London, circa 300 people there, no expense spared and an Arabian Night theme…. We arrive and seconds later someone shouts “wow snakes!”  There are dancers with giant yellow pythons wrapped around their necks mingling with the guests. I have a huge fear of snakes.  I immediately start to shake and cry hysterically and the snakes had to be removed from the venue… It was not well received!

What’s the biggest challenge in IT recruitment just now?
Skill shortages are the biggest challenge by far. It’s great to see so much investment in technology in Scotland, but with that comes the need for new skill sets/more advanced skill sets and we are having to look further afield for new talent.

Favourite (non- work) website and why?
ASOS – It’s my go to website either for myself or for a next day delivery gift!

Describe an ideal weekend (in no more than three sentences)?
Early morning flight to Naples with my husband. A boat ride to Positano to our favorite restaurant with glorious views of the ocean - a large Chianti in hand and we dine on seafood for three days straight! 

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