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Making our kids Career Ready

Making our kids Career Ready

Posted on 20th December 2017

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“Too often, young people fail to complete their studies because they fail to see the relevance of the education they are receiving. The Career Ready programme is about the real world.”

Sir Winfried Bischoff, Founding Chairman, Career Ready

Career Ready logoI have recently become a non-exec with Career Ready, a charity that seeks to encourage employers to work more closely with schools and colleges, helping create closer ties between local education and local business.  The thinking behind Career Ready is that young people from a disadvantaged background should not simply think of leaving school for a “job”, but rather that ought to be able to develop structured careers with progression and promotion coming as a result of each individual’s drive, determination, enthusiasm and ambition.  By helping each student to recognise their qualities, unlock their potential and raise their aspirations, Career Ready helps those who don’t already know what they want to do after school or college: in particular those who don’t have a wealth of professional career experience in their family and don’t know what they want to – or can - achieve.

To become a Career Ready student they must:

  • Be studying a full time, two year, level three programme, such as A Levels, BTEC, International Baccalaureate or, in Scotland, at least one Higher
  • Plan to stay in college or school full time until completing their studies or until S6
  • Have the right to work in the UK and be available for the minimum four-week internship, starting in the last week of summer term
  • Have parental or carer agreement

Since we began our work in the UK, over 14,000 students at the 250 schools and colleges that run the Career Ready programme have benefited from the advice and assistance of over 4,000 volunteers from several hundred employers. Currently, there are 12,500 students enrolled on our programmes.

In Scotland, 97% of our students went on to a positive destination, of whom 25% went into work or work-based training, 54% are at university and 21% are in further education.

I know how tough it can be for those whose backgrounds are not conducive to, or supportive of, education. For those with academic ability and the potential to do well it’s doubly hard and, speaking personally, it’s important to me that we nurture and develop our next generation’s skills so they can make a productive contribution. There is a huge skills shortage but lots of untapped potential and, while I am well aware that there are countless requests to businesses and individuals to help charities, especially at this time of year, for most of our volunteers Career Ready requires little more than a commitment to take the time to help others. In turn, these youngsters are the seed corn that can help your business achieve its future potential.  This is the proverbial “win-win” and if you would like to know more about Career Ready’s work please do get in touch.  You can email me at:

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

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