BOOM – the new year #ITjobs market is back with a bang!
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BOOM – the new year #ITjobs market is back with a bang!

BOOM – the new year #ITjobs market is back with a bang!

Posted on 9th January 2018

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Although the overall Markit report for Scotland for December takes a cautionary line (and we need to remember these are simply snapshots,  based on reports from recruiters like ourselves), with a slightly negative headline (“Permanent staff appointments rise to weakest extent in nine months”), the fact is that there was still an increase, just at a softer rate than previously.  Moreover, this is looking at the economy as a whole and, of course, we have to remember that December is hardly the strongest month in the year for recruitment.

Markit Dec 17 temp and perm recruitment by sector

More importantly, from our perspective at Be-IT, the figures that matter are those for the IT/Computing sector. And here, I’m pleased to say (and reflecting what we are seeing ourselve, both at the end of 2017 [see graphics above] and in the first few days of this new year), the IT jobs market looks very strong, possibly the strongest I have seen over the last 10 years.  This applies to both temp/contractor roles and perm appointments.  In other words, if you’re interested in starting the new year in a new role, there are lots of great opportunities out there.  Happy job hunting!

Gareth Biggerstaff, CEO, Be-IT

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