Women in Tech in Scotland – a date for your diary
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Women in Tech in Scotland – a date for your diary

Women in Tech in Scotland – a date for your diary

Posted on 20th February 2018

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Last summer, Be-IT conducted an extensive study of sexism in the IT industry in Scotland. This was widely reported in the press and online but, even though sexual abuse in all its hideous forms still features prominently in our news pages, I do wonder if the question employers most want answered is “where can you find me a DevOps/choose your hard-to-fill job title?” rather than “what are you doing to get more women into IT so I can recruit the next generation of DevOps/choose your hard-to-fill job title?”  The answer is, of course, you need to ask both questions!

That said, while the #metoo movement has undoubtedly had a big impact on national and international stages, it is still the case that there are areas where some people don’t want to go vis-à-vis casual, and indeed overt, sexist behaviour and attitudes.  While the IT world is not as bad at employing women as some other areas (construction in the UK is terrible I’m afraid – as this article from a recruiter in that field demonstrates in spades), we are, as our survey shows, still a long way away from gender equality in IT and there is still far too much everyday sexism to make the workplace a comfortable place for a lot of women.

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With that in mind, there is an event coming up later this year to which I’d like to draw everyone’s attention: the Women in Tech Scotland conference at the SEC in Glasgow on 10th October.  Billed as an opportunity to “Be Inspired, Grow Your Network, Supercharge Your Career” it’s expected there will be 500 tech leaders attending to celebrate gender diversity and the contribution women are increasingly making in the IT and digital space.  Be-IT intends to be there and we would encourage everyone who values the contribution that talented people of either sex make to our industry to get along as well.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT

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