One small hop for Frog, one giant leap for communities
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One small hop for Frog, one giant leap for communities

One small hop for Frog, one giant leap for communities

Posted on 14th March 2018

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More logoAt first glance, Cal, our founder, is not what you’d expect a CEO to be. As a younger man, Cal experienced a number of issues – drug and alcohol addiction to be precise – but when his family and doctors sought community networks and support for him they found that they were all disparate and not available in one easily accessible place.  A chance meeting with Sir Rod Aldridge, social entrepreneur and founder of Capita, led to the creation of Frog, a national system which signposts the UK public to a choice of local services and support solutions within a couple of clicks, rather than having to trawl through pages of general advice and information.

Envisaged as an ‘interactive’ directory system with alerts pushing and pulling information to and from users, Frog is currently being developed in association with Stirling Council.  In more detail, as our website explains, “Frog is a national online information platform focused on localities, signposting people to local help and support for a broad range of health, wellbeing and social care issues. Frog’s principal aim is to help people lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives by preventing ill health and promoting good health and vibrant communities from an asset based approach giving people the knowledge and power to manage their own lives effectively.”

The Frog USP

Our USP is that no-one else is doing anything remotely like this, concentrating on all services by geography. Frog is all about connectivity - connecting citizens within a local authority area to the service providers – be they groups or businesses – on their doorstep. Moreover, we see that as grows, we’ll be able to draw in a host of other services, offering features such as jobs, news and local public notice information and a host of other fact-based knowledge that will benefit citizens the length and breadth of the UK.  As a result, we are attracting a lot of interest and have also (we’re delighted to say) been shortlisted in the B2C category for the prestigious ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards.

Coming Soon

However, the good news is that you don’t have to wait too long to experience Frog. We’re currently working with Stirling Council on a series of activities to attract their local groups and organisations onto Frog and then we will be focusing on the rest of the UK.

Phil Worms, Operations Director,


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