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Posted on 2nd April 2018

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Professionally-run funds charge too much for the return they deliver, index trackers don’t make as much as they could, and while anyone can now trade globally and competitively, the business of constructing and managing an equity portfolio is still time-consuming and hard, both technically and emotionally, for an individual to take on with good chances of long-term success..

It’s with that last sentence in mind that butterwire has been created. Founded by Raphael Fiorentino (CEO) with me, Paul Sinclair, as CDO, butterwire is a start-up which began life officially last September, but has its origins in over a decade of work. Although headquartered in the world-leading financial centre that is London, all of the engineering work is being carried out in Scotland, due to our unique value proposition. To put it another way, there are lots of talented people with the skills we need!

butterwire is not a trading platform nor is it about replacing IFAs, mutual funds or the robo-advisory industry. Many people prefer to pay someone else to manage their money and that won’t go away. But as tech and finance savvy Millennials take over from the aging baby-boomers, the number of those who want to run their own portfolio of individual stocks is set to sky-rocket. What butterwire offers them are better odds of success. It is an app that has been developed and used by and for professional investors, but that has now been made accessible to individual investors. It assists users ‘end to end’, from stock selection to portfolio construction, to ongoing control of risk and return prospects. Conversely to many app based on trend-following strategies that promote extensive trading, butterwire is calibrated for long-term investing into stocks with strong fundamentals that necessitate little trading. For instance, the global portfolio we’ve been tracking on our website throughout 2017 generated 15% return over the benchmark with no trading at all. 

Following the successful release of our beta app last February, we are now starting our 3rd round of funding with a view to launch commercially over the summer. As a non-regulated activity, butterwire’s remit is global, but its tech team will remain in Scotland.

We believe butterwire offers an opportunity to be involved at the forefront of technological change focused on financial investment sector, and to be part of something that can be applied positively to transform the financial future for millions across the world.

Paul Sinclair, CDO, butterwire


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