Be-IT's new Resourcer, Raymond Doyle
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Shakermaker - Be-IT's new Rock n Roll Star

Shakermaker - Be-IT's new Rock n Roll Star

Posted on 5th April 2018

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Raymond Doyle picYou remember your first days in a new job?  Getting to know people, learning about their foibles as they find out about yours, wondering if they'll ever find out about the time you ripped your jeans in an embarrassing place or whether they'll like your taste in music. Bit late now you've arrive, but but perhaps it's time for Raymond Doyle, our new Resourcer in Edinburgh, to tell you himself...

Name: Raymond Doyle

Job title: IT Resourcer

What other jobs have you done apart from working in recruitment?
Business Analyst
Implementation and Web Developer
IT Assistant

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
Once had an old pair of jeans on and got up from my chair only to hear a massive rip. Ended up having a huge rip up the backside of my jeans but just had to get on with the day with my rear end hanging out.

What make a good recruiter?
Managing stakeholders’ expectations and being a great communicator. Someone who is driven and passionate about getting people into new roles.

Favourite food and drink and where in the world would you like to be when you are having them?  
Favourite food has to be pizza and as for eating them in a nice place it would be with my Mrs sat on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean with a supply of cold beer and a copy of Definitely Maybe (Ed’s note to younger people – Definitely Maybe was a hit album by Oasis, the popular Mancunican beat combo)

If you had to choose only one, which would it be?
Facebook or Twitter - Facebook
Steak or Salmon - Steak
Beer or Wine – White Wine (you can drink more without getting bagged up)
Pie or Bovril - Pie
Easyjet or Ryanair - Sleazyjet

As a new boy, what was your first impression of Be-IT after your first day in the office?
The place was relaxed and a nice fresh environment to work in but had to have my wits about me to put up with the banter having come from an office full of developers.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
Reddit as you can spend all day on there and you can find ANYTHING

Favourite (work) website and why?
Twitter as it has massive potential to find and connect with the right individuals.

Favourite techie gadget?
My Pioneer XDJ-RX……. For those not in the know I Dj

My next gadget I am eyeing up is a DJI Mavic drone



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