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Beer, Salmon, Bovril and Easyjet (yes, it's the latest Be-IT recruit!)

Beer, Salmon, Bovril and Easyjet (yes, it's the latest Be-IT recruit!)

Posted on 16th April 2018

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Scott BentleyYou know what it’s like when someone new starts in the office.   You put the face to the name, they seem quite normal, you gradually find out more about them - and then you discover that they have been a model, a comedian and a world champion. Admittedly a UFC world champion.   No, we didn’t know either, but apparently it’s ….a bit of a porky. Apart from the comedian bit. However, we’ve forgiven him and anyone who is obsessive about retro football kit can’t be all that bad, so welcome to Scott Bentley, the latest recruit to the ranks of the recruiters at Be-IT.

Name:  Scott Bentley

Job title: Recruitment Resourcer

What other jobs have you done apart from working in recruitment? 
Bar and nightclub manager, car rental, model, comedian, UFC two-weight world champion.

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?
Delivering a car to a customer heading down to London and leaving my phone in the glove box.

What makes a good recruiter?
Confidence, attention to detail and consistency. 

Favourite food and drink and where in the world would you like to be when you are having them? 
Watermelon and a Pina Colada on Copacabana beach with a floral shirt on.

If you had to choose only one, which would it be?
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Steak or Salmon: Salmon
Beer or Wine: Beer
Pie or Bovril: Bovril
Easyjet or Ryanair: Easyjet

As a new boy, what was your first impression of Be-IT after your first day in the office?
Good laughs, good people and a good place to work.

Favourite (non work) website and why?
Classic football , I’m an obsessive hoarder of retro football tops.

Favourite (work) website?

Favourite techie gadget?
Google Home and Sonos


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