The cap doesn't fit.
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The cap doesn't fit.

The cap doesn't fit.

Posted on 12th June 2018

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bird with hatWe may have mentioned this before, but when The Times Economics' Editor comes out with an opinion piece that states clearly that we must not be backward looking when it come to immigration, then it really is time that we all got off the bus that's heading to the wrong place.  Nor, as he writes, should we be surprised if business, deprived of relatively cheap EU labour and unable to get the people it needs because of the current cap on immigrants, starts to investigate robotics and AI more seriously, 

I can't improve on this quote, lifted directly from this article

"Get the immigration policy right, though, and a prize awaits. British companies have grown lazy on low-wage EU labour, allowing them to forgo investment to the detriment of productivity. Now that EU workers are leaving, business is “turning to innovative forms of investment to deal with skill shortages”, the CBI said last week. Companies are looking at “AI and robotics” and “upskilling their workforce”. At last."

The current cap on immigration is understandable politics, but it's not good economics.  We need doctors, IT talent, nurses and many others.  We need a policy that makes this happen.  I get the sense that the proliferation of articles like this one in The Times is an indication that a lot of business-savvy people are getting a bit fed up about the continuing lack of action in this area. It's not as if Brexit is preventing the government taking action: any action it takes is intrinsically bound up with the entire Brexit process.   Perhaps a chorus of "why are we waiting" might help?

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT


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