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Gosh, where did those five years go?

Gosh, where did those five years go?

Posted on 13th June 2018

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Just over five years ago, with the economy slowly recovering from the Great Recession, we set up Be-IT with a view to becoming a dominant force in the Scottish IT recruitment market.

Since then, a lot has changed.  We’ve had referendums (referenda for the purists) on Scottish Independence and leaving the EU, a couple of elections north and south of the border, seemingly remorseless growth in employment and, partly as a result of the latter, continuing improvements, with one or two hiccups, in the fortunes of Be-IT.

We are now riding high.  I believe that with our rapidly developing business in Glasgow complementing our solid Edinburgh office we are indeed the dominant independent IT recruiter in Scotland, and we’re making inroads into Northern Ireland (with an office in Belfast) and south of the border. 

In my opinion, there are several factors that have led us to our current position. First and foremost, it’s been getting the right people in the right jobs. There is always turnover in any recruitment office but we’ve been fortunate (or lucky!) in having some great performers who have been with us from the early years, augmented by some new stars coming up through the ranks. Sure, we have got one or two wrong, but generally I am very pleased by our success rate in hiring experienced and non-experienced recruiters, resourcers and admin staff. Thank you to all of them – they are the people who keep the show on the road.

The second key to our success has been our monitoring of and response to the changing economic background. Identifying these changes, analysing their effects and deciding how to respond have been critical for all businesses and we’ve seen a lot of our clients make both good and bad decisions over this period.  From our perspective at Be-IT, this has resulted in our changing our focus over this time, to the extent that we now work across 12 specific sectors, ranging from government to financial services and logistics to AI.

Where to in the next five years?  Well, there is a plan, albeit not a cunning one flush with Baldrickian expectations, so expect to see some more strong growth, tempered by further analysis of the economic backdrop (we are due a recession in the next few years or so), all guiding the good ship Be-IT onwards and upwards.  Key to this will be recruiting more high quality recruitment professionals.  We’re very picky, but that helps keep our retention high and gives our clients and candidates confidence that we’ll continue to outperform the competition.  That’s always been the aim and if we focus on what really matters, in terms of quality customer service, we’ll be well placed to profit further in the years ahead.

Finally, I’m often asked (OK, someone asked me once) why the company is called Be-IT.  The answer is simple.  And not that exciting…  I wanted a name that reflected our market and what we do…  after a long list was exhausted I made a call on Be-IT… concise, simple and reflective of who we are… also, the name and url were available!

Gareth Biggerstaff, CEO, Be-IT

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