Tech Nation 2018 report and networking event
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Tech Nation 2018 report and networking event

Tech Nation 2018 report and networking event

Posted on 14th June 2018

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Tech Nation 2018

If you haven't seen it yet, the Tech Nation 2018 report is an excellent piece of work.  Next Thursday (21st June) there is an event at Codebase in Edinburgh at which a keynote presentation will describe the report's findings in more depth, after which there is a panel discussion, with networking opportunities at the beginning and end of the session. If you're there, do come and say hello.

The report itself analyses the key cities for tech/digital in the UK, considering, amongst other things, the value of the sector in each location, employment growth, start-ups and a brief qualitative note on key developments.  You can see the three reports for Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the three cities where Be-IT has a presence, at these links:




I really do recommend you take the time to have a look at this. It's a welcome corrective to those reports that just take a national snapshot, largely focused on London and the South-East.  Instead, you very quickly get   a picture of the digital dynamics of each city in an easily digested form.

Gareth Biggerstaff, CEO, Be-IT


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