Do you know any Women in Technology deserving of an award?
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Do you know any Women in Technology deserving of an award?

Do you know any Women in Technology deserving of an award?

Posted on 17th June 2018

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women in techAlong with many others, we have constantly drummed the drum for more women in IT. And, although there is still a  l-o-n-g way to go, there does now seem to be far more weight behind the idea that this does not have to be a male-dominated industry.  That’s evident from the fact that last week we read that not only is there going to be a second ‘Scotland Women in Technology’ awards night (after its successful inaugural event last year) but there is also a UK competition for the ‘Most Influential Women in UK Technology.’

The Scottish event is being sponsored by Amazon and we would encourage all our clients and candidates north of the border to enter if they believe they have a suitable nominee working with them.

The UK-wide competition is organised by Computer Weekly and is in its seventh year.  This is slightly different from the Scottish Awards, because while the latter has 10 different categories, the Computer Weekly contest is aimed only at producing a list of the 50 most influential women in UK tech, and from that list their readers will be asked to vote for their favourite.  

With Be-IT’s operations now spanning two offices in Glasgow and one in Belfast, and with our having an increasing volume of business in England, we would similarly encourage clients and candidates to nominate those   women they believe have been most influential for the Computer Weekly contest.  It’s by gradually and persistently championing the cause of women in IT that we’ll start to create an environment where more girls see these people as role models and are thus encouraged to come into the industry, which, given the painful skill shortages in so many areas, is something we should all want to see happen.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT


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