How to ruin a first date
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How to ruin a first date

How to ruin a first date

Posted on 8th July 2018

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There you are, coyly sizing up your first date.  Then the waitress drops a tray of drinks all over you. Clearly, she's cut out for a career in recruitment....

Stephanie CasseeName:  Stephanie Cassee

Job title: Senior IT Recruiter

What other jobs have you done apart from working in recruitment? Pub & restaurant work while at university.

What is your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)? Dropped an entire tray of drinks on a guy who was on a first date .

What/who makes you laugh out loud? Frankie Boyle. 

When you were young, what was your favourite toy? Trampoline. 

Favourite band/singer/artist?  The Libertines.

As a new start, what was your initial impression of Be-IT after your first day in the office? Cool brand & offices. Great culture, everyone super friendly, enjoy a laugh but get the results needed to make cashhh. 

Favourite (non work) website and why? ASOS … love looking at all the stuff I want to buy on payday.

Favourite food and drink? Wine & cheeseboard. 

Favourite techie gadget? Portable speaker.

And finally, what do you (honestly) want to be doing in ten years’ time? Sailing round the world on a luxury yacht (I’d settle for a yacht – Ed).

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