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Too few computing science students costs £BNs…

Too few computing science students costs £BNs…

Posted on 3rd August 2018

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Just as we were publishing our three-part series on Linsey Miller’s decision to go from a successful career in web to become a teacher, we came across an article in an HR magazine that demonstrates, in spades, just why this is so important.

On 1st August, HR Magazine published an article under the heading “Tech vacancies costing UK economy £6.3 billion.”  Based on a report by charity, The Edge Foundation, its first sentences lay bare the extent (and potential cost) of the problem…

The number of students taking IT GCSEs has fallen, and dependence on overseas talent is high.

An estimated 600,000 vacancies in digital technology are costing the country £6.3 billion a year.

The recommendations of the report are also admirably straightforward, viz, 

  • Adjusting the national curriculum to put creative and technical subjects at its heart
  • Giving schools more resources to give better careers information and guidance
  • Ensuring students have a better understanding of the opportunities in the digital technology sector 
  • Building relationships between local employers and schools to make learning relevant to the world of work
  • Ensuring students have the confidence, resilience and key skills to take them to the next level of education, an apprenticeship or into work.

The only problem, as always, is that sensible as these recommendations are, will anything actually happen?  It’s easy to demand “giving schools more resources” but as our blogs over the years have shown, we still need people, like Linsey Miller, to want to teach this subject.   Also, while everyone expects “government” to do something about it, it’s also incumbent on industry to play its part too, especially by building relationships with local schools and colleges to foster enthusiasm and an awareness of the great careers that are available in all areas of our burgeoning tech/digital world.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT



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