In-house vs Recruitment Consultancy Crowdcast
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In-house vs Recruitment Consultancy Crowdcast

In-house vs Recruitment Consultancy Crowdcast

Posted on 16th August 2018

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In yesterday's FireFish Crowdcast, Standard Life Aberdeen's Euan McNair and Be-IT's Michael Phair compare notes and discuss and debate how in-house and recruitment agencies can work together, where the barriers are and how long term relationships add value to both parties. Among the key points were...

How can In-House and Rec-Cons work together?

Build up trust.

Make sure we're doping the right thing by the hiring manager.

We should all be joined up.

Good relationships are built on doing the simple things consistently well.

Don't copy and paste stuff and send it on to the in-house team.

In-house shouldn't hide behind the PSL.

Ask the in-house team how they want to engage with you as a rec-con.

Long-term relationships are a partnership.

Agencies should challenge in-house more than they do.

Good recruiters do their research.

Honesty and integrity are vital!

If you'd like to see the whole debate, you can sign up here (it's quite long, but  well worth it).

Stuart Alexander, Be-IT


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