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How many Be-IT people can you identify from their childhood photos?

How many Be-IT people can you identify from their childhood photos?

Posted on 19th August 2018

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This being the silly season, when the (Westminster) politicians have all gone off on their summer holidays (hooray!) and the flower of Scottish childhood is being dragged unwillingly back to school, we (actually, it was Zander's idea) thought we'd enter into the spirit, indeed the sport, of this time of year with a competition in which we invite all and sundry (including our own colleagues - 'cos they don't know the answers either), to try to match childhood photos of (almost ) all the Be-IT team with pictures of their current selves.  Doubtless in years to come, once the fad that is facial fungus has withered like a salted snail, we can do this again, with the 60 year old versions being compared to their current visages. 

As we said, it's really for fun, but don't let that stop you taking it seriously. If you are very keen, you can fill in your answers in the comment box below.

1 Kids 

Kids 2

Kids 3

Kids 4

5 Kids


Kids 6

Kids 7


More kids pix


kids 8kids 9kids 10

11 Kids






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