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How virtual is your reality?

How virtual is your reality?

Posted on 10th September 2018

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VR Headset

Every December/January we see articles that tell us the coming things for the new year.  Cast your mind back to 2016 and you might recall that one of these was VR.  I am pretty sure we wrote about it back then too, but what's happened since?

Put it another way, have you been rushing home to strap on your Oculus (other headsets are available)?  You have?  Well, you're in a minority. Sales of VR headsets have fallen by more than one third in the second quarter of this year.  Some might think this is simply because the things are so expensive, but you can actually buy a new headset from Oculus at a reasonable price nowadays.  Or perhaps it's because they are just so damn uncomfortable?

Michael Phair, Be-IT

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