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Who cares wins?

Who cares wins?

Posted on 12th September 2018

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A study published in August this year by review platform Feefo, makes some very interesting points that any recruitment company worth its salt should take on board.  It suggests that 26% of candidates who use a recruitment consultancy to find their next job think that they are simply a means to an end, namely the fee that comes with a successful placement. Moreover, 70% believe that recruiters don’t really put the hard yards in (possibly because they, themselves, don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience of their profession?).  This 70% believed that recruiters could improve their service by “understanding their (candidates’) requirements’ and avoiding time-wasting.”  To be fair, this study also noted that nearly a half (46%) of respondents said their personal experience of a recruitment agency was that it was “helpful and understanding” and the vast majority (92%) do, in fact, trust the recruitment agencies they use.  That said, one of the comments showed the reality for many: “Based on my career … I can only think of one or two recruitment consultants that I have ever trusted.”  

This is a wake-up call for any recruitment agency that simply treats candidates as a means to a fee.  Trust, based on quality customer service ought to be a sine qua non, but sadly there are too many that don’t do deserve to be trusted.  This is borne out by another recent study, this one by Explain the Market, that suggests 52% of those who have used a recruitment agency in the last 12 months were not convinced about the service on offer and didn’t think they had been fairly and honestly dealt with. 

Intriguingly, this second piece of research also suggests that recruitment firms perhaps rely too much on technology (again, possibly reflecting a lack of experience and expertise among their own staff?).  One business’s recruitment manager quoted in the survey said, “You don’t really trust an app or a website on its own. I need to talk to the people who are really in the know about the job.”

We, as an industry, need to heed these comments.  As far as Be-IT is concerned, we treat customer service as the bedrock on which our business is built. Yes, we actively seek to maximise the benefits of new technology, but we never forget that ours is a people business. Our customer service philosophy is simple, viz,

At Be-IT we recognise that a successful recruitment business is built on professional, successful relationships between ourselves and our clients, candidates and colleagues and that the way to create such relationships is to provide a consistently higher standard of service than our competitors on a daily basis.”

We do this by, firstly, setting a very high bar for our own recruitment. We ensure that those we employ are of a very high standard compared to the industry average and therefore provide not only provide better customer service (and thus better results for our candidates and clients) but also are more likely to make the grade and remain with us for longer. This is demonstrated by the fact that our staff turnover is c. 10% per annum, compared to an industry average of up to 30%-40%. New members of the Be-IT team go through our comprehensive onboarding process and then have a programme of continuing professional development to ensure we meet our KPIs for Customer Service.  All this means clients and candidates can form very successful, long-term relationships with the Be-IT team, to all parties’ mutual benefit.  As our headline implies, when it comes to recruitment, who cares really does win.

Nikola Kelly, MD, Be-IT


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