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Living in the material world: why studying computer science pays

Living in the material world: why studying computer science pays

Posted on 18th September 2018

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A report in The Sunday Times newspaper last week tells us that, “Computer science graduates earn five times more than arts students.”  If you (or your kids) ever needed a reason to study digital subjects then here it is.  At a time when we know there is a dearth of boys and girls studying computer science, despite the huge efforts that have been put into trying to address this, perhaps appealing to their more base instincts, namely the potential to earn money (and thus afford a house, nice holidays, etc.) is the way ahead?  

The facts are impressive.  The Sunday Times article has a table which show graduates’ median salaries from more than 2,600 courses, six months after obtaining their degrees in 2017.   Based on this table, you should go to Imperial College in London’s, where computer science graduates receive a median salary of £50,000 six months after graduation.

At the other end of the scale graduates from Norwich University of the Arts and Leeds Arts University earned only £17,000.  While this means that, unlike their counterparts at Imperial, they won’t have to start to repay their Student Loan for some time, the conclusion of this study is clear.  Computer science is the subject of choice for those who want to earn serious money.

Stuart Alexander, Be-IT


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