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You are only as old as the company you keep...

You are only as old as the company you keep...

Posted on 25th September 2018

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Oldie techThe world of technology has come on quite a bit since this day in 1928 when Motorola – or to be more precise, the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation - was founded. If you are of the older generation, you will remember the company as a big player in the car radio market.  If you are slightly younger, you’ll remember their (at the time) iconic mobile phones, especially the Motorola Razr which shipped 50 million units between 2004 and 2006.  

More recently, Motorola provided the microprocessors for the first Apple Macs, as well as Amiga and Atari computers.  It’s been bought and sold a few times (most notably by Google) since its inception but continues to trade.

That got me thinking: how old are the big tech players and, more pertinently, do candidates still want to work for them if they are not new, disruptive start-ups?

While I knew that some were not exactly spring chickens, some of the results surprised me.  Starting with the FANGs, in ascending order, from youngest to oldest, they are:

Facebook 14 years (2004)

Google 20 years (1998)

Netflix 21 years (1997)

Amazon 24 years (1994)

Perhaps they ought to be renamed the FNGAs, although admittedly that doesn’t sound so good, but I was staggered to learn that Netflix is 21 years old (founded 29thAugust 1997).  However, when we then go and look at a couple of other big names, we find they are definitely well past the mature stage.  Apple, for example, is 42 years old, while Microsoft is even older, albeit only by one year, at 43 years.

Both of these pale into insignificance beside a company many might consider one of the former titans, IBM.  In fact, Big Blue are still a major force, employing over 380,000 worldwide, despite (or because) they were formed 107 years ago in 1911.

All very interesting I hear you cry, but what does this mean for my chances of getting a job with these mega-companies?  Well, it’s certainly true that many techies would love to work for Google, Apple etc. but here’s a thought for you.  Given that these companies are mature and established, isn’t the trick not to ask your recruiter “can you get me into Amazon?” but to demand, “can you get me into the next Amazon?”

Michael Phair, Be-IT

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