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Shelfstacker, backpacker, split trousers, so now he's a recruiter!

Shelfstacker, backpacker, split trousers, so now he's a recruiter!

Posted on 3rd October 2018

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It seems to be necessary to have split your trousers if you want to get a job in Be-IT as this is about the third or fourth (male) person we have who has confessed to having skimped on the stitching on his strides in a previous career.  Incidentally, that is not one of our selection criteria. However, by now you’ll want me to shut up so you can find out who this new person is and what he does. Without further ado, here’s Leon… 

Leon DickName:  Leon Dick

Job title: Head of Change

What other jobs have you done apart from working in recruitment?
Literally, all sorts!  My first ever job was stacking shelves in a mini-market after school for £1.45 an hour. I’ve also had lots of sales roles, while helping to run a backpackers in Sydney was fun.

What it your biggest disaster at work (anywhere)?  
I was standing outside a large Financial Services client’s head office, prior to meeting a senior contact.  My colleague dropped something which I bent over (a little too quickly as it turns out!!) to pick up for her and the next thing whoosh (or choose your own onomatopoeic noise – Ed), a MASSIVE hole across the back of my trousers. I proceeded to shuffle into the meeting with my back towards the wall at all times, and once we were done it was a taxi straight to the shops for a replacement suit. 

What/who makes you laugh out loud? 
My kids - every day. Also, I enjoy a night at the comedy with Kevin Bridges and Jim Jeffries amongst my favourites.

When you were young, what was your favourite toy? 
Bright yellow BMX (good choice – Ed)

Favourite band/singer/artist? 
It varies a lot but currently the Foo Fighters are seeing a lot of airtime.

As a new start, what was your initial impression of Be-IT after your first day in the office?  
Good bunch of people, high calibre of consultant, busy office but relaxed environment.

Favourite food and drink?  
I enjoy trying new seafood: anything with either South-East Asian or Central American flavours will normally keep me happy.

Favourite techie gadget? 
This is likely pretty boring, but I’m not a massive techie who absolutely needs to own the latest version of this or that - which may explain as to why I recruit in the Change space rather than Technology. 

And finally, what do you (honestly) want to be doing in ten years’ time?
Killer question - let me settle in to my new role first. It would be nice to have completed the garden renovations by then…



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